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Most initial appointments are scheduled with-in one week after you request an appointment. We offer flexible scheduling hours to ensure convenient times for visits.  In addition to regular office hours, we offer before and after hour visits weekly, starting at 7 am and until 8 pm. We also offer weekend hours.

The initial visit is scheduled for an hour in order to get a detailed history, discuss your concerns and review treatment options. Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete required paperwork or download the forms from the website (Patient Information Form, Policy and Procedures, Payment and Credit Card Information and Telehealth Consent Form.) and bring them with you.

Follow-up appointments will depend on your concerns and the types of medications that may be helpful for you.  As a general practice, follow-up visits are scheduled for 30 minutes. Initially, they may be weekly If you are starting or changing medication and then monthly to every three months if you are on a therapeutic medication regimen.

Yes, Telemental health visits are offered to well established clients via Telemental health visits are not available for initial visits. Telemental Health visits are scheduled and billed the same way in- office appointments are scheduled and billed.

New patient appointments are booked for 60 minutes, and the fee is $320.00 for the session.

Follow up appointments are usually scheduled for 30 minutes and the fee is $200.00 per session.

At times, Follow up visits may require longer than 30 minutes, Extended follow up appointments that are booked and or run greater than 45 minutes are $270.00 per session.

Family Therapy: $350.00 for 45 minutes
Couples Therapy: $350.00 for 60 minutes
All fees are due at the time of service.

There is an additional fee for adults undergoing an initial evaluation for Adult ADHD. Part of the evaluation includes performing the Conner’s Adult ADHD Rating Scale (CAARS). This evaluation takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Once completed the scale is completed it is scored and interpreted.

The screening costs $220.00 for adults new to or established in our practice and $300.00 for adults not established in our practice.  An example would be an adult attending college with an IEP and or participating in intercollegiate sports.

There is a $65 fee for missed or late cancelled appointment.

Medical letters for academic accommodations, leave of absence, family leave, excused from/return to work, legal letters and other requests for written documentation will incur a fee of $175.00/letter. 

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